Your health goals are possible as long as you are prepared to put in the work and follow a fitness plan. The hardest step in your fitness journey is deciding that you are ready for the challenge. If you’ve already made that commitment, you are on the right path to discovering the healthiest version of yourself. The individuals below decided that they were ready to begin the journey to achieving the healthy lifestyle they have always wanted to have. Are you prepared to do the same? 

With a little help from a dedicated trainer, all of the results below are possible. With certifications in Kinesiology, anatomy, general nutrition, sports nutrition, sports science, and sports conditioning, I can help you develop a plan designed specifically for your goals and body.  

Through coaching hundreds of clients ranging from top bikini and bodybuilding competition professionals to everyday clients, I have gained experience in developing unique plans for your body and ideal outcome. I have even competed myself in many of the top bodybuilding shows and understand the lifestyle and what it takes.  

Let’s get started. If you are ready to achieve your best health yet, connect with me by email ( or Insta (@sptchrisspafford). For more inspiration, check out the progress my clients have made below.